Diana Hu

Coach || Speaker

Diana Hu

A native of Taiwan, Diana Hu (she/her) started her leadership journey at the age of 6, reigning over her neighborhood streets. Since 2005 she has worked in technology groups dominated by a patriarchal culture where she was often the only minority. Her work titles have included: Geospatial Development Lead, Senior GIS Developer, and Agile Coach. She helps teams adopt agile mindsets as well as improved agile and DevOps practices.In 2022, Diana started Azimuth Coaching to help women and marginalized groups shine in STEM, as well as serving as a DEI Agile Coach for companies to incrementally develop and implement DEI strategies.


- Non Violent Communication
- Cross-cultural collaboration
- Transformational Leadership
- Simplify complex problems into logical and practical solutions
- Agile Coaching: Incremental and continuous process improvement
- Systems Thinking


- Actionable Agile workflows to provide organizational support for DEI initiatives
- Mindset change for individuals to develop their own empowering strategies
- Behavioral change for organizations to improve collaboration, belonging and employee retention